About me

I am John Pullin and I am currently a research PhD student at the University of Leicester, where I am researching the domestic and working lives of mid-Victorian railway engine drivers. I will be adding material relevant to my research here and at a new website which I intend to set up in the near future, time permitting. 

This website as it stands at present largely relates to my previous life before I went back to university in 2014. I've been a journalist, writer and editor for 40 years, operating almost entirely in the "business journalism" end of the spectrum. I've edited magazines, written about subjects I don't understand (and some that I do) and advanced my own opinions and those of other people on economic, business, industrial and other issues.  

On these pages, the aim was to highlight some of the editorial and journalism work that I'd done and some of the services I was until recently offering organisations, companies, publishers and individuals for the future. My last regular journalism work was the editorship of Environmental Engineering magazine which I'd worked on for the best part of 10 years, both for the former Professional Engineering Publishing group and the current owner, Concorde Publishing. An example of the kind of magazine we produced, most of it written by me, is here: http://bit.ly/TewEXR. :

You'll also find here some links to other people's sites I found useful in my former work. Or just interesting. For example, I've done over the years some work with the Royal Academy of Engineering, and their website, www.raeng.org, has links to good events that don't always attract the attention they deserve.  

I'm erratically on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JohnPullin. And I'm blogging very irregularly indeed now at www.johnpullin.wordpress.com, and though the original plan was to start blogging from this site some time, wordpress does work and does bring traffic, so there's no urgency to do that. I have, though, transferred some past blogs here for the record.

I also started a section called Places. This is (or maybe was, since I haven't added to it in ages) a series of pages (well, four at present) on places of engineering interest that I've been to and that I think are worth visiting. The latest one is on Kirkaldy's Testing Museum in Southwark which is threatened with closure and I keep meaning to gently add to this collection over time, especially when interesting places are open in the spring and summer. Suggestions of places to visit always welcome.

Generally click the Contact button to send me an email. And come back in a bit to see how much progress I've made. If any.