About me
Where I've worked

I'm an experienced journalist and editor whose career has been spent in business and technical publishing, writing on general interest technology, economics and politics for specialist readerships. When I get further on in creating this site, I'll put links in here to the magazines and websites that I've worked on. Meanwhile, click here for a basic list of where I've been for the past umpteen years...

I'm also these days doing a part-time MA in English Local History at Leicester University.

Here are some of the kinds of services that I can offer. But if it's a specific need you have and it isn't specifically here, then call me: phone numbers etc on the Contact page.

I'm not pretending this list of activities or potential activities is comprehensive, and I'll do most things that are legal, just so long as I can have a bit of fun as well (and getting paid is good too).

For publishers:
Editorial services: writing, editing, commissioning, overseeing design and production, passing for press.
Set-up services: market research, editorial selection and recruitment, overseeing first issues.
The Magazine Doctor: emergency cover, interim editorial management, publication reviews, redesigns and re-orientations, staff training.   

For editors:
Writing: features, columns, commentaries, special reports.
Specials: supplements, one-off magazines, event publications etc handled from concept to delivery.
Sub-editing: words, headlines, captions, casual shifts here there or anywhere
Training and analysis: Need a fresh pair of eyes? Or some new ideas?

For companies:
Writing: case studies, opinion pieces, position papers, backgrounders, reports, company histories, books.
Media strategy: communications policy, interview training, written English, jargon-busting, customer magazines, recruitment services.
New media: website content generation, social media management, ghost-blogging.
Research: market research, opinion surveys and analysis, competitor analysis.

For opinion formers:
Writing: articles, columns, opinion pieces, speeches.
Research: on issues, problems, questions; survey building and analysis.
Management: on-line presence, social media, publishing presence.

But I'm very much open to ideas. If you've got an idea or a problem where you think I might be able to help, give me a call or an email.