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Bedfordshire mills
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... and more a record of some of the places I've visited in the past few years, some originally on behalf of Professional Engineering magazine.

My aim is to reproduce some of the words and pictures I've written (and taken) for a series of articles about engineering museums and other places with an industrial connection. The first article, and the last I wrote for PE, is about two mills in Bedfordshire: Bromham watermill and Stevington windmill. I've added a slightly earlier article about the Oxford Bus Museum and written a new piece about the Bradford Industrial Museum I visited a year or so ago. More recently I visited Kirkaldy's Testing and Experimenting Works in Southwark, a museum that is in need of some help. Click on the links in the text here or follow the links on the left.

More will follow, and I'll put external links in for further info as well when we've reached a decent volume of them.    

Dorset steam fair